About Us

Summer Housley is a professional cutting horse trainer with 10 current years of expiriance.   Her previous expiriance comes from Slate River Ranch with locations in Virginia and Texas.  Summer attended the College of Southern Idaho and received an acssociates degree in Equine studies.  She began working for Dave Glaser in 2004 as an assistant trainer and now is taking on clients of her own.  Summer has a proven showing record with the NCHA with earnings exceeding $13,000 and has won many awards through ICHA, BVCHA and other area associations.  Summer is accepting horses to train from Colts, aged event horses, weekend show horses, and older horses taht need legged up and tuned up.  She is available for lessons to non-pros and amateurs with cows or the flag with lesson horses available.  You can contact Summer at 208-870-2142 or email at sumcwgrl@yahoo.com.


Summer Housley:  208-870-2124

Dave Glaser: 208-989-5404

Deerhorn Ranch is located just outside of Parma, Idaho at 24900 Market Rd.